Phaneroo Devotion

Regardless of how anointed you are, of what sorts of diseases you can heal, of how much power you can
A man is what he thinks. He does not become what he thinks, but he us what he thinks. Thoughts
It is human wisdom to labour to be rich and conversely Godly wisdom to know that God's children are born
We are freed to serve. If you are doing nothing for the kingdom, you feel no inclination to serve God
By faith, we enlarge our tents and by the principles of greatness, we strengthen the stakes
A man who is diligent in faith believes unto the end; he never quits, he holds onto the Word (its
As a new creature in Christ, you are no longer subject to any curses. God declared a permanent blessing over
Giants don’t fall by how much we pray or fast; they fall by the covenant that made us more than
Putting on the amour of God means be conscious of the things that constitute the armour: the convictions of truth,
You have God’s DNA. You are free from generational curses. Your portion is generational blessings
Ungodly sorrow removes the power of the blood of Christ and replaces it with the level of one’s brokenness and
The judgments of God are revealed when one applies their intellect to decode spiritual senses, when the two are reconciled,
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