Phaneroo Devotion

Creatures in the spirit are not waiting for you to do something supernatural; they are waiting to know that you
Service in the kingdom of God is not about titles; it is about function. God rewards faithfulness above the office
Grace begins from what God has done and not what you have done. It's not the seed you sow; it’s the seed
When a man relates with God and truly experiences Him, the times in which he existed are identified with his
The more experiences you have in the spirit, the more grace upon your life to give answers in your life
For whatever is sealed through prophesy, the increase of knowledge gives us the ability to open
It is only by the free gift of imputed righteousness that we are made without spot or wrinkle
Morality ought NOT to be ignored but it is not the ONLY theme of the Christian life; it is just
When you have no vision, you perish but when you have a vision and no understanding of it, you frustrate
The revelations coming to our spirits in this dispensation ought to be greater than what human language can explain
You will never have the results of worship or prayer until you walk there in the spirit
There is a pattern to living in the spirit: it is walking, running and flying. Some live in the spirit
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