Phaneroo Devotion

If anything is to come from God, understand child of truth, it will never be by merit. It will always
Learned men are patterns to those that observe them because how they live their lives is an instruction to any
You are a pattern to this world by virtue of your dwelling place in God. Your ministry is supposed to
The renewal of your mind has the power to cause you to change form
Every Word you receive or read must cause you to walk some place in the spirit. The Word of God
The difference between a man who knows all things and one who progressively knows things is THE FAITH to believe
Sometimes, persecution comes into the life of a Christian because they are doing nothing with the impartation they have received
Regardless of how anointed you are, of what sorts of diseases you can heal, of how much power you can
A man is what he thinks. He does not become what he thinks, but he us what he thinks. Thoughts
It is human wisdom to labour to be rich and conversely Godly wisdom to know that God's children are born
We are freed to serve. If you are doing nothing for the kingdom, you feel no inclination to serve God
By faith, we enlarge our tents and by the principles of greatness, we strengthen the stakes
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