Phaneroo Devotion

God does not do anything by halves. When He saves, He saves to the uttermost. When He blesses, He does
The life of salvation is an invitation. A believer cannot fail to fast, to give, to live in holiness, or
Every minister must appreciate the importance of teaching and being taught. It is the first stepping stone of strong and
Each of the spiritual offices has been called to teach. You cannot be an apostle and not be able to
Doctrine is not subject to any individual office but Christ. In fact, it is proper to say, offices are subject
Every New Testament believer has access to the realm of God. As long as you have the Spirit of God,
Spiritual identity is not tagged to the offices under which men sit; it is in the person of the Holy
If you want to hear God, you must firstly believe that you hear Him. The more you believe that He
The essence of the anointing is to ensure that there is no dent in your testimony. Your life must be
When you have the Holy Spirit, there is no limit to the good you can do. Spread goodness wherever you
The power of God is available to anyone who is ready to believe. Be a doctor but a doctor who
Don't just read a book, connect to the anointing BY FAITH. Don't just listen to a sermon, connect to the
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