Phaneroo Devotion

A sense of excitement should not be the only thing that you take away from the presence of God. We
Face each day with the knowledge that you are a victor. In your mind and spirit, envision the cheers of
When we say that we are born of God, we mean to say that He loves men through us.
As children of God, the earth and everything in it was given to us as our responsibility and not as
It is a mark of true maturity to intercede for someone else in the very thing that you are struggling
Make the choice to never criticise those in authority and instead pray more. Criticism will not get you anywhere yet
When God leads us to the Word, it is not so we can find something else to argue about. It
God is so deeply interested in your understanding that he has even gone so far as to give the angels
The devil cannot stand a vessel that is full. When you are full, you can withstand all forms of infirmity;
Never let yourself become a leaking vessel. If the fire burns too hot, go back to the Word and remind
Sometimes, the spiritual realm does not favour silence as a form of warfare. That is why the Word of God
A man that is merely called does not have a course, a mandate, or an assignment. A man that is
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