Phaneroo Devotion

A man whose heart is perfect before God is a man of faith. If the eyes of the Lord run
Ask for nations and continents, for what no eye has seen, ear has heard and has not entered into the
The first horn of the altar of prayer is the promises of God. You cannot pray effectively without knowing and
Faith, by its nature, does not minister questions, it edifies.
A relationship with a scripture starts with its revelation in your spirit. It is out of this revelation that you
If your family does not accept you, God will give you one that does. If your nation despises you, God
The gift God has blessed you with is not so you fill your coffers but so you can be a
God's business with each of us is primarily personal. Even when one is seated in a congregation of thousands, God
The absence of power (results) should always provoke you to ask what you have missed in the way of wisdom.
If by discernment, you recognise that someone in your family, workplace, community or nation is deeply anointed by God, do
No altar of prayer is complete without watchmen.
Men worship that which is not God because they do not know Him. The more you know God, the deeper
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