Phaneroo Devotion

As a child of God, the quality of your life is defined by how many of the principles of the
When you have influence in the realm of the spirit, your name goes ahead of you.  This spiritual influence attracts
If you desire influence, elevate your vision. You must see your influence stretch beyond your physical location. You must see
Destinies are aligned in the naming of things. By wisdom, you should choose godly names for your children, business or
Wisdom is what teaches us to pursue peace with all men; it compels us to remain silent even when we
When we attend service, we do not merely attend to be delivered. We attend to hear God and then be
In guarding your heart, you must ask yourself some critical questions. What am I listening to? What am I reading?
Dominion is a command. Wealth and power are not moral failings as some are prone to think. Embrace success, increase
The prayer of thanksgiving is the true prayer of faith. When someone prays in thanksgiving, it is because they see
The greater you become, the humbler you must be. The more you are exalted, the more you must walk in
God has promised to keep you. He has said that with long life He will satisfy you and show you
When you live continually in the Word of God, you are established in the truth and when you are established
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