Phaneroo Devotion

God has made known unto you the mystery of His will. Your expected end as a child of God is
Faith creates time. Time does not create faith. God has given you the liberty to define how your tomorrow, five
Eunuchs made by men understand this pattern of greatness: association, assimilation and then impartation.
You must exercise a God-impulse. It means that no matter what happens in your life, seek God first.
You truly must examine your life and carefully investigate the source of your security and confidence. If it is not
There is no escaping faith because it is the law by which we live. The greater the faith, the greater
When you live within Christ consciousness, your ministry comes to life, your business pursuits come to life, your relationships come
The blood saved us to the uttermost and dealt with sin, past, present and future. Repentance alone does not take
There is no condemnation for those in Christ. Make the choice to forgive yourself and to forget the past. Look
Your greatest qualification in the life of salvation is your faith. Not only the faith by which you received Christ,
A Believer's Assurance
Your true blessing comes in the name that God gives to you. That name is the secret code of access
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