Phaneroo Devotion

The life that we have received in Christ has the ability to destroy any weakness and its consequences in your
As a co-labourer with God, what does not defeat Him cannot defeat you. What does not fail Him cannot fail
Service to God has everything to do with your heart. If your heart pants after service to God, you will
Maturity has nothing to do with physical age. It comes through two facets: experience and revelation.
In the realm of the spirit, it is foolishness to abhor meat. To abhor meat is to abhor greater depths
When your life is built on the Word, you live everything you say!
Make the choice not to merely visit the Word; live in it!
Mastery over words requires that the words of your mouth are aligned with the words of your heart. Exercise both
Mastery over words is tested the most when one is under pressure. Exercise your spirit to have only positive utterances
In the life of faith, associations matter. Unite the Word you receive with faith by being around people that provoke
When you listen to the Word, don’t just hear words, syllables and sentences. Embrace the life in the Word. That
As a man of God, you cannot demand submission when you are not submitted; you cannot demand accountability when you
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