Phaneroo Devotion

When God sends you, He becomes your absolute sufficiency. No man sent by God can suffer lack.
The wisdom of God is what makes us skilful in and by the Word.
Our Lord is a God of diversity. Because He is, He has never intended to dogmatise the method. This is
As a student of the Spirit and of the spiritual times in which we live, you must understand the dispensation
When we embrace the grace of God, we embrace it as more than just a doctrine but something that was
God wants you to exploit the liberties of His presence for something deeper than sin. Look at the presence of
We should shift our focus from what Christ did not know to what He knew. He knew that He was
Like ignorance is the reason for the fall of man, knowledge is the reason for man’s true redemption. Christ says,
Simply because there is a mantle upon your life, it does not mean that you will fully operate in its
The scriptures are not discriminative in their application. It is good news because it is for all. Your part is
Open your eyes to what God is working behind the scenes for your sake; see the plans that He has
Never give up on seeking the face of God. Keep in His Word and in His presence. It is never
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