Phaneroo Devotion

The anointing is timeless. You can connect to a message preached ten years ago and receive an impartation from it.
Christ lives in us. If the anointing by which He functioned was limitless, we can no longer function by inferior
God can anoint a man so heavily that whatsoever touches that man receives life because every fibre of his spirit,
The Spirit of revival is the Spirit of revelation. What is your message? You are one revelation away from changing
As a king, you must look to God as the ONLY option. He alone can deliver your family; He alone
The prayer that brings revival is the prayer for vision. A heart that hungers for transformation in a family, in
The basis of divine purpose is the lives of men. Being humble to purpose means that you never allow the
It takes humility to understand the true price of ministry and even greater humility to be able to pay that
The heart that is perfect toward God is the heart that is established in faith.
Loving Father, I thank You for the indescribable gift of Jesus Christ. I cannot imagine a world without Him and
The word SHALL work for you. It SHALL deliver you, it SHALL increase you, it SHALL bring you multiplication, it
Never allow your prayer life to be a passive act or a duty. Live in the consciousness that it is
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