Phaneroo Devotion

When you came to God, you were not perfect in flesh but He disregarded the vileness, the weakness and the
The true pattern of favour is that it starts with God before it comes from men. Quit seeking honour before
Be proud to be Born Again! Say it with boldness, speak and confess it without apology. It is who you
God does not elevate us for our sake alone. He elevates us so that He can establish divine purpose through
As a king ordained by God, you have your realm. You have been called to rule and not merely to
The Spirit of revelation is for the redemption of your posterity. When you dig in the scriptures for insights into
In a world full of offensive people, you must develop some missionary skin. There is a glory that follows a
God does not do anything by halves. When He saves, He saves to the uttermost. When He blesses, He does
The life of salvation is an invitation. A believer cannot fail to fast, to give, to live in holiness, or
Every minister must appreciate the importance of teaching and being taught. It is the first stepping stone of strong and
Each of the spiritual offices has been called to teach. You cannot be an apostle and not be able to
Doctrine is not subject to any individual office but Christ. In fact, it is proper to say, offices are subject
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