Phaneroo Devotion

What you see physically such as the depth of revelation, the healing of the blind, lame and deaf or the
You suck the abundant treasures of the spirit every time you yield to the God who exalts you and rewards
The Word of God you believe has a definite effect in your spirit. The moment you believe it, it starts
God has made truth available to every man but only the truth revealed to you sets you free.
The perfect heart is a pure heart that pants after what God desires, seeks to see what God wishes to
Wisdom is humble and the Spirit of it comes with peace.
The burden you carry for the gospel must come because of a certain knowledge that you have of God.
The purification of any man of God to minister in the sanctuary begins by the revelation of the mystery of
Never put people in a place where they feel coerced to give to you because you used the voice of
A woman must know how to cover her glory. This she does by submitting to her husband. It does not
When you attempt to buy the gift of God with money, it is inevitable that you will also sell it
Sons do not require wages, sons understand that their portion is the INHERITANCE.
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