Phaneroo Devotion

The church of Christ is not established on mediocrity. If you are a teacher, don’t just teach, be a master
Sometimes you have to take your eyes off what you are going through and behold the end; see those who
If your heart is not right before God, then you do not have any part nor lot in the ministry.
Faith requires that you stretch the limits of convention and propriety. It demands that you learn to live on the
Growth in the things of the Spirit, is a choice.
It is not God’s desire to give you a vision whose fulfillment you never live to see. He wants you
As a minister of the gospel, your ministry ought to start from the back, away from the spotlight and attention
In this life, there are things that must stand still for your progress. If it is creation, it must stand
When we find Grace, we are led into the revelation of love. And when we fully comprehend the mystery of
The relationship we have with God is supposed to be an experience of daily access to revelation and vision in
Salvation is a very personal journey. Some of the things that you want a man of God to fix, you
The closet is “loud” because it will always reveal the intensity of your communion with God. When you stand before
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