Phaneroo Devotion

Death and life are both the fruits of your mouth. What you confess will either kill or give life. Every
Some people are keen to guard their hearts from the negative things that people say. However, they do not guard
On the tower[higher places of perception], God sends a word within you and that word will make you His mouthpiece
Maturity causes you to never hold grudges, to see a man fall in a pit he dug for himself and
Deep calls unto deep. But what is deep calling you to? It is [God] calling you to true eternal experiences
A  ministry can be destroyed when a father looks at the success of a son and does not see his
Beholding in the realm of glass[the Word] does not ONLY make you a "good and loving Christian." We do not
God is coming for a church that knows Him so much that it will easily transition into eternity celestial
Glory cannot be beheld through human lenses. As such, God has given to us an eternal lens, the realm of
When you separate the time series of the earth [past, present and future] from the events of your life, that
Access to the spiritual world is not an occasion for a man to seek personal glory. Access is the responsibility
In greater light, men walk the unsearchable places in God, men see the blue prints of divine purpose, men see
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