Phaneroo Devotion

The power of association will invite you into graces that you were not originally assigned for. It will align you
In the life of the gospel, it is imperative to understand that instructions are spiritual. They are not to be
Deception is by its nature subtle. It takes true maturity to understand the thin line between GOOD TEACHING and SOUND
The power of association is in the fact that you are made by what you follow.
If you seek to grow in a specific area of your life and know someone who is thriving in it,
In the quest for wisdom, it is imperative that you seek ALL wisdom. Make it a choice to seek the
The Word of God is the ultimate discerner of hearts.  As you cultivate an intimate relationship with the Word, you
A man who truly hungers for God is one that hungers to know and understand the heart of God in
Love is our high calling in Christ Jesus. It is the fundamental rule of true discipleship.
It is in the nature of God to appear to men in the things most familiar to them. It is
Whenever any person boasts of a large number of physical allies as the reason for his strength against you, God
Every man who was greatly used by God was a lover of His presence. No man can truly taste God
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