Phaneroo Devotion

As a minister, God has called you to EQUIP the saints. We must teach men to know God for themselves,
God is love (1 John 4:16). If you think love is blind, remember that God is not blind. He has
As believers, God has called us to be interdependent, not inappropriately dependent. Your life was never designed to be at
As a student of the spirit and the realm in which God dwells, you must know that there is a
In the arena of preparation, experiences make you.
Understanding is the retentive capacity of the human spirit. The spirit of a man does not memorise things, like some
Physical need should never rule your world. The Word of God needs ground free of the choking effect of needs
God has shaped and designed your life in such a way that there is absolutely nothing that you lack. All
Do you want to grow as a minister? Serve a man or woman of God. Do you want to launch
Humility is the double-edged sword by which God hears us and by which we hear Him.
Counting the cost starts by understanding what one is getting into. Never let impulse and excitement propel you into any
The Word does not come merely to excite you. It also comes to approve You as a true workman but
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