Phaneroo Devotion

Sometimes (not all times), one of the signs of gluttony, besides overeating, is in waking up in the wee hours
God has not changed! If He brought you out of one difficulty before, He will bring you out of countless
Some things die or are made alive in the womb of time. Your part is to pray, observe and learn,
Judging matters in life is governed by several biblical principles. One such principle is to hear God before you judge.
Lifting up your eyes means that you see your life from God’s perspective and God’s perspective shall always be the
You are on God’s mind from the day you were born to the day you will leave the earth, from
When you go to the Lord in prayer,  make your requests known. There is no need to explain how bad
The grace that the Lord has given us is that we abound to every good work.
Men see us dancing and think us insane, simply because they do not hear the music. They do not see
When God blesses you with an opportunity, the first fruit of that opportunity belongs to the Lord. When you give
You are a steward of everything that you receive, no matter how little it is. God seeks to bless the
God, the Master of our lives does not expect half-hearted commitment in our service to Him. He wants us to
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