Phaneroo Devotion

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Some things will never come to you unless you are positioned. It is disciplined spirits that remain positioned.
There are glories you can never explain away because they were built on the seed principle. We are all a
What are you willing to do to receive? Cast down your crowns, tear off the veils of indifference, put aside
God knows that what He has placed in our minds, bodies and spirits is enough to withstand any schemes of
The mantle upon your life will always announce you to the world.
No one can pour into a moving vessel. Find a church and settle down! That consistency is a form of
Nothing that should find you positioned can be found by seeking.
Be careful, child of God, who you bring into your inner circle. Some people, no matter how well-meaning, can bury
As a believer, you must know what God has mandated you to do and stick to it. Forsaking your place
Never underestimate the power of the message you preach. It is pivotal to the life of your brook. What you
The anointing has no retirement age. God does not stop using and elevating you to greater spiritual heights simply because
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