Phaneroo Devotion

Men may try to figure out how you succeed like you do; how you remain healthy like you do; how
Your miracle will not come by your best-laid plans to achieve your goals. Even the best-laid plans can fail. It
The degree of your worry is the degree of your disconnection from the knowledge of God. Refuse to worry because
Friends of God are intimately acquainted with the divine order of things. You know the divine order because you are
Your responsibility in the ministry is an altar. Serve God with your whole heart in the knowledge that your service
Examine yourself, ask critical questions about your devotion and why you do the things that you do. Let true humility
God is a pattern. The God-way of doing things rings with admirable beauty and it always has great results. If
You will never be right and perfect before God until you are right HIS WAY. This righteousness is received by
At the altar of God, we cease to live and Christ lives. The life of Christ in you and I
With your life on the altar, everything you do for God ceases to be a mere duty, it becomes an
Every Christian must start his or her day with the expectation of God's faithfulness. Let His faithfulness be the first
The Christian who understands the imputed righteouness of God upon their lives can never refuse to forgive another person. He
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