Phaneroo Devotion

When the truth you preach is questioned, ask for more boldness to speak the Word and to demonstrate God's power.
The Christian walk is for the bold. Heaven is counting on you to change the world. With such a great
God expects us to be light in the darkness, hope in a hopeless world, peace in storms and joy in
Impossible does not exist in the language of God. He has given you the power to erase it through your
The knowledge of God radiating from your Spirit causes those around you to take notice. As you give yourself more
As children of God, we move from wisdom to deeper wisdom; from grace to greater grace; from joy to deeper
Like the stars are always on the move, have the blessed conviction that you are advancing every day in whatsoever
Revelation is a Spirit. God desires that you have a relationship with Him [the Spirit of revelation]. A relationship with
Make a banquet of the word. Feed on it consistently and continually. Read it as though your life depends on
Faith in its seed form is the Word of God. The slightest revelation of the Word of God can command
The spiritual realm rewards a man under the law of works only according to what he has done. It rewards
God keeps His Word. This is the foundation on which we base our faith.
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