Phaneroo Devotion

The realm of mysteries is one into which we are invited by God. In these places of invitation, the clarity
There is no spiritual reality that the new man in Christ cannot bear. It does not matter how deep the
God wants you to rise above the affliction in your body, the state of your finances or of your family
Every quest for greatness begins with God: with His seed in us; His abilities in our spirits and His grace
You will not have true communion if you still have an attachment to the crowd or define intimacy with God
The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not a one-off episode by which a man gets to speak in tongues.
The best care that a man or woman of God can give is to teach you the Word of God.
Success in ministry is when you raise men and women who are not solely dependent on you as a man
It is absolutely important to God that you build your own faith rather than depending on that of another man.
Every believer must develop personal faith toward God based on His Word. Learn to stand by your own faith.
You cannot be unstable in doctrine and expect to be strong in salvation. This is why you must be careful
Every time we gather before God, be alive to the fact that heaven has given you an opportunity to be
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