Phaneroo Devotion

The newness of your life is a past tense reality. You are already new; already divinely healthy; already favoured; already
Without hope, one cannot have a purification of his spirit. This is the power of hope. This purification is the
Every scripture is a breath of hope. Find comfort in the Word, in the fact that history has proved over
Never weigh your value on the scales of your physical potential but rather on the scales of His mercy.
The power of God's mercy is in His determination to hold onto you no matter what you do or what
Godly sorrow brings us to God as sons. It teaches us humility in accepting our wrongs while allowing God to
We have received the Spirit of adoption. He reminds us to expect mercy and love from God and never wrath
God is interested in sorting you from the inside and not necessarily sorting what is outside. He wants to calm
God does not cast away His own. His arms are wide open to receive you regardless of your mistake. Fall
If you never understand the love and mercy of God in its fullness, you will never heal from the consequences
We grow in stages; we learn in phases. Until you understand this pattern child of God, the stage of your
The circumference of your influence over places in the spiritual realm is dependent on how mature you are in the
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