Phaneroo Devotion

When you minister to a man of God with the understanding of the rules of the sanctuary, ministry ceases to
While some people might wax fat on material wealth, it is possible to wax fat on knowledge and forget God.
Every manifestation of the power of God is designed to elevate a believer to trust in God for greater and
Each one of us is going to be separated and distinguished, on the ladder of success, depending on our faith.
There is a power in God that works out possibility if you give it opportunity through faith
You are a total sum of the Word you have released in the spirit. As a Christian, it is important
Knowledge is what shines out of your spirit to give illumination to your world.
Weeping endures in ignorance, but joy comes at the illumination of the Word on your spirit. Without the Word, you
To partake of the God life in a worthy manner is to acknowledge that as He is, so are you
You have not only been given promises, but you have been given the promise: the Holy Spirit, who is the
Your success in this world is dependent on your understanding of the order of events in the spirit. You might
Any knowledge you receive ought to provoke you to desire for deeper knowledge because by divine principle, His knowledge breaks
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