Phaneroo Devotion

The Gospel is priceless. No one ought to ever charge anything for it, freely we have been given and freely
One of the things that qualify you as a minister is how you handle power and the anointing upon your
Apostle Grace Lubega Isaiah 5:17(KJV), Then shall the lambs feed after their manner, and the waste places of the fat
How much you receive from God determines how many people you can minister to.
Cultivating a spiritual gift means that you exercise your spirit to walk in it. And this you do by faith.
The secret place of the Most High is dwelt in by those that have understood true solitude. Solitude does not
Fellowship is the overflow of the experiences of men who have been in solitude with God
The fall of a believer is not their worst state with God. The believer's worst state is the refusal to
God owns your battles, find Rest
God has called us to be as dynamite, He is with you. You might be small physically but you are
Parenthood requires that you look at your child and see the anointing at work in his or her life. Compliment
When you read the scriptures or listen to sermons, seek to practice what you have heard. If you do not
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