The Year Of The Manifestation Of The Light Of Sonship

Apostle Grace Lubega, 1 January 2022

Every year, we gather to seek the face of God for the year. I come with so much conviction this year, mostly for the Church of Christ. Many signs are going to come from the church to wake up many because we are in the last days.

However there are some specific prayer points that I wish to share:


I had a vision of people with machetes and pangas cutting other people. The Lord told me it is a spirit and we must pray against it because it is shedding innocent blood.

I also heard something about food regarding their prices and availability. The Lord told me that food is spiritual. It is possible for a nation to waste, not because they have enough but they do not have the wisdom to use it the right way.  We need to pray about this.


We need to pray for the Church in China because it is entering one of its darkest seasons. We must pray for the Church because God will hold those who are free accountable if the Church in China is frustrated.  


In a few months to come, something is changing within the monarchy in England, concerning the health of one of the monarchs. Let us pray because there is a lot that is going to happen as a result of this.


This is the year in which the light of sonship is going to shine very brightly on the lives of children of God.

In the past year we have seen the earnest expectation from creation as it groans for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). A lot is happening and is provoking every essence of sonship.

The miracles that God will perform through us will be evidence of our sonship because our lights must shine in the world (Philippians 2:15). The magnitude with which we shine will cause us to not be hidden from anything that must advantage, progress, and add to us as sons of God.


The Number 2022 is the number of light. The light of sonship is the glory that is unveiled on the individual that is walking in the power of the birth right. The birth right is your true place of authority. This birth right comes with two blessings.

Fruitfulness is one of the fundamental blessings of the birth right and proof of the light of this sonship. What made you a son by divine purpose was so you would be a father one day; what made you a daughter by divine purpose was so you would be a mother one day. God extends life through you.

The first mandate God gave us after making us in His own image was to “be fruitful”. Therefore, to not be fruitful when it is expected of us to be, is considered a curse.

The second blessing that comes with the birth right is dominion. The power to subdue, to live, and to be above situations and circumstances is given to us as children of God. Deuteronomy 28:13 says that we are made the heads and not the tail, and God commands that we are above only and not beneath. That is not a promise, it is a command. In 2022, God is going to create avenues and opportunities to place you in places of fruitfulness that will be evident to all.  This year we shall see promotions and high positionings coming in the least expected way because promotions come from God and He takes His covenants seriously (Psalms 75:6-7).

In 2022, you are going to the next level of your career and your ministry. There is nothing that can frustrate what God has covenanted with His children that are walking in their birth right. As children of God, we are chosen vessels and regardless of who has gone before us or who has pledged to stand in our way, we have been called forth to show His excellence and with God being very serious about His covenants, we cannot be frustrated.


For 2022, I saw the hand of God stretch forth to deliver households. As households, we have an inheritance before God. God can give a household a mandate that is so unique that gives it a distinction.

When the presence of God enters a household, it can cause prosperity to every single individual in that household (2 Samuel 6:12). This year, God’s presence and His infinite wisdom, will give a household an assignment that will cause it to enter an inheritance that leaves a mark in not only the nation but the world at large, for eons.

The 22nd time that Abraham is mentioned in the Bible is in Genesis 25:5. The Bible says, And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. The power of inheritance is that it never leaves one ordinary. When Abraham left Isaac all that he had, Isaac was never the same after that.

This year households are getting into inheritances that do not fit into their roots and histories. It will be said of your household and yourself that you were the first to accomplish certain things.

The 22nd time Joshua is mentioned in the Bible is Deuteronomy 31:7 and that is the time Moses hands over the nation to him. Joshua’s destiny changed that day. This year, you will receive more than you have ever dreamed or imagined. In the subsequent verse, Joshua is given a mandate to distribute inheritance to other households. As his household changed, he was given the ability to change other households.

In 2022, may God put you in places that only He can put you.