The Growth Pattern

Apostle Grace Lubega 

Luke 2:52(NIV); And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man 

Jesus Christ was fully God. He was the first begotten son of the Father and in Him was the fullness of God bodily(Colossians 2:9).
However, the scriptures reveal to us that there are several aspects in which He had to grow. 

For example, in our theme scripture, He grew in wisdom, stature and in favour with God and man. 

The reason God allows this growth was to set a pattern for the sons of God that were to come after. 

Here is a deep instruction on spiritual maturity. 

There are Christians who abuse various principles of the scriptures because like the Bible says, ‘they are Gods’ (John 10:34). 

They have the life of God in them; they have been begotten by the incorruptible seed which is the Word of God (1 Peter 1:23); they are more than just human beings; they are God-beings. 

It is a good thing to live in the understanding of these truths but there is a growth factor to all of these things. 

If God had wished it, Christ would have been born with all the wisdom and the favour that He needed but the Bible says that He grew in these things. 

This means that in the life of salvation, we must embrace growth. 

Many embrace spiritual truths that they are not willing to grow into. They claim promises but are not willing to activate the principles that make those promises a reality. 

So, they claim by declaration, what they are not willing to grow into by exercise. 

Indeed Christ was made our wisdom; but you must apply your heart to wisdom; by courting it, through constant study, through seeking counsel; through prayer and meditation. 

Indeed you are the righteousness of God, but you must allow God to deal with any weakness in your flesh by constantly yielding to Him and being humble enough to recognise a wrong and change your mind when you make a mistake. 

You are complete and perfect in spirit. However, your understanding  must grow in this perfection and completeness

Glory to God! 

FURTHER STUDY: Ephesians 4:15, 1 Peter 2:2 


 You are complete and perfect in spirit. However, your understanding  must grow in this perfection and completeness

PRAYER: Father, I thank you for this Word. I choose growth; to see increase every day of my life because that is my portion in Christ. I embrace your Word as the food with which I grow; I seek your presence as the atmosphere in which I must flourish. With all my heart, I apply myself to the things that perfect and complete me in you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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