Things That Make Ministers: Keep Your Word

Apostle Grace Lubega

Psalms 15:3-4(MSG); Don’t hurt your friend, don’t blame your neighbor; despise the despicable. Keep your word even when it costs you.

A minister of God must be able to keep his or her word at every cost.

Creation trusts God’s Word because He is faithful to it and because it is in His nature to be true. (Joshua 23:14, 2Corinthians 1:20).

If you really believe God’s Word to be true, you ought to be true to your own words.

Since you are God begotten, your word ought to be sure and your commitment trust worthy.

Your “YES” should mean “YES” and your “NO” should mean “NO.”

If your words are not true, you will also begin to doubt the Word of God, because deception is in your heart.

You will be judged because of any careless words you speak(Matthew 12:36-37).

Words have power and those who are careless with words cannot be trusted with God’s power.

It is WISDOM to be careful with your own words.

If you commit yourself anywhere in ministry, fulfill it. If you say you are going to pray, pray. When you make a vow before God, fulfill it, KEEP YOUR WORD (Deuteronomy 23:21-23).

FURTHER STUDY: Matthew 12:36-37, Proverbs 13:3NIV.


A minister of God must be able to keep his or her word at every cost.

PRAYER: My great Lord, I thank you for the wisdom of staying true to every word I utter. I am fully aware of the power in every word I speak. I choose to keep every promise and word I utter with the full assurance that you work in me both to will and do according to your good pleasure. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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