Chest Complications From Childhood Healed

I suffered from cough and chronic chest pain from the time I was a child.
Every time I was exposed to cold, the condition worsened.
As an example, I would never ride on a “boda boda” (motorcycle) without wrapping shawls around my neck.

On the Sunday of 20th May 2018, I attended the Phaneroo Sunday Fellowship at UMA Multi-purpose Hall.
During the service Apostle Grace mentioned that he had been led to pray for a specific group of people suffering chronic illnesses of any kind and asked them to move forward to the platform.

In response, I stood up and joined the group moving forward to the platform.
He laid hands and prayed for each of us.
From that day, I experienced a remarkable change in my chest.
I have not been experiencing any difficulties with breathing as before. The heavy breathing and coughing totally ceased.
After over 29 years with this condition, I am healed! Hallelujah!

Glory to God, may His name be praised!

Judith Nalweyiso


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