Chronic Lung Infection Healed

In 2011, I suffered a Tuberculosis(TB) infection in both my lungs. I was treated but got a re-infection in 2014. Alongside this, I had pneumonia and a resultant severe pain on the right side of my chest, especially whenever I would cough. I had this cough and pain even when I had been on treatment for a long time. I would suffocate in cold weather, so I could not do without warm clothing if I had to be outdoors in the evenings. I received so many injections during treatment that I got so fed up of them!

On 13th August, while attending the Phaneroo Anniversary service at the Lugogo Hockey grounds, Apostle Grace Lubega, when he stepped up to minister, encouraged people who were feeling sick to receive their healing. He said that there was an atmosphere to heal any disease on the grounds. He said this as he led the congregation in songs of praise and worship.

I believed that word and received my healing. I was able to put off my jacket that cold evening and realized that I could BREATHE NORMALLY without any difficulty! Moreover, the PAIN WHICH HAD BEEN IN MY CHEST COMPLETELY LEFT.
Since then, I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I DO NOT HAVE COUGH! The chronic cough that had lasted for many years is gone. Glory to God!


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