Chronic Stomach Ulcers of Over 7 Years Healed

The testimony: In 2010, I developed stomach ulcers and continually depended on different medication such as syrups and tablets for relief. Also, diet had to be limited to selected foods. I was no stranger to sudden attacks of pain from inflammation to the extent that I was once scheduled for an operation.

On the evening of Thursday 27th July 2017, I was at UMA Upper Gardens attending the Phaneroo service; towards the close, Apostle Grace laid hands on me to receive healing of ulcers. Immediately, the pain started to wear off and in a matter of days, I could not feel a single trace of pain.
I found that I was now able to eat all foods even those considered acidic that I could not touch before such as matooke and pineapple. The ulcer-attacks, sudden and excruciating days of pain and constant medication are now a thing of the past.

I am amazed by the love of God. I give glory to the name of Jesus who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Sandra Nangobi


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