Chronic Ulcers Healed Through a Touch of Faith

I testify of the Lord’s goodness; for about 6 years, I had been on medication for ulcers. Often, I would have ulcer attacks at night and would spend long periods tossing and turning in bed because of the unbearable pain.

At the start of January 2017, I participated in the forty day corporate fast we had as a fellowship and in spite of the pre-existing ulcers, I was able to spend whole days without eating. I completed the fast without any trouble, however the pains threatened to return on Monday 22nd February so I took medicine.

The following day I attended the weekly Manifest fellowship at Makerere University and while Apostle Grace ministered he said that if there was any present who was sick, there was grace available to heal then he asked us to touch the parts of our bodies that needed healing.

In that very moment, the pain was present but when I touched my stomach, I felt something suddenly leave. That very night, I slept soundly with no pain. I knew then I had been healed. I have been completely healed ever since that moment.

Praise to the Lord. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Esther Kiyemba

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