Death Has No Hold On Me

I had pain in my lower abdomen (around the pelvic area) for about a month. This was due to a swelling that was growing in that part of my body. The swelling had grown to the extent that I looked like one who was pregnant! I was in a lot of pain and very uncomfortable. I could hardly eat because of the discomfort. The swelling placed so much pressure on my lower abdominal area that I felt like my uterus was about to come out.

Visits to different medical doctors on three occasions only suggested the worst about the condition I was suffering from. On one visit, medical tests suggested that too many toxins in my body were causing the swelling. The third doctor told me that the swelling had become cancerous and that I needed to go for an operation to remove the tumor.

On Thursday the 14th of July 2016, my daughters encouraged me to go for prayers at the Phaneroo fellowship. I was in a lot of pain but I agreed to attend with the hope for divine healing. I did not want to undergo an operation a second time (having undergone one for child-delivery).
When Apostle Grace stepped up to preach, he led a worship session during which he kept saying “I feel an atmosphere for healing in this place”.

Among the many cases, he mentioned that there was a lady in the congregation who had an issue with her stomach and that he needed to pray for her. I first hesitated to go forth. Someone else went forth but he kept insisting that the particular person he was talking about was still in the congregation. After this emphasis, I felt that it was me he was referring to and so I went forth. My stomach was so big that he asked me whether I was pregnant. He laid hands on me and as he prayed, he mentioned that he had sensed a spirit of death and that it was witchcraft that was disturbing me.

The PAIN LEFT INSTANTLY. I felt completely different. It has been two weeks since and I have NO PAIN, the swelling has significantly reduced and is continuing to do so as the days go by. I could not eat, but I now comfortably eat when I want to. Moreover DEATH HAS NO HOLD on me! I THANK GOD THAT I AM DELIVERED Halleluyah!

Amuge N. Jessica

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