Delivered From Long Time Masturbation

I got saved at campus in my first year. However, my life was a mess! I had masturbated since my primary five and had a very perverted mind.
When I grew up, the effects of this habit were grave. I would get depressed, sweat, and have terrible headaches. It worsened when I gave my life to Jesus and joined ministry.

Every time I did it, I remembered the gospel and would get disturbed. Some times, it was another way of relieving stress and pressure. It was so bad that a day would not end without me masturbating, it became compulsive.

I wanted to stop but it seemed to get worse. It got to the point where I would watch pornographic material too! I could not tell any one what I was going through for fear of being bad-mouthed. I hated myself so much and most times failed to pray or attend Bible study because of it!
If I attended Bible study, I always spent that time thinking of what I did.

I attended Phaneroo one day (I don’t quite remember the edition) but while there, Apostle Grace said, “it’s one thing to have the word and speak it and another to have certainty.” He said that there is a difference between willingness and obedience.
From that time on I was delivered and have never looked back! For some reason, during that Phaneroo service, I appeared at the throne of Jesus with confidence and not while victimizing myself. Somehow, I sorrowed to repentance and walked away from perversion. I remember crying a lot but all I could hear the Lord say to me was, “I LOVE YOU.”
When I went home, I opened my Bible and went through all the scriptures he had taught about that day. Later at night, as I lay sleeping, I dreamt the whole sermon.

I had masturbated almost all my life until this year in May when Apostle Grace preached a message that got me out of it. It means a lot to me. He whom the son makes free is free indeed. I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK. Hallelujah.

Victoria N.

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