Delivered from Witchcraft associated Nausea

I developed nausea a few days after recovering from a travel sickness following a trip I had made. Although the feeling was intermittent, it would present with too much discomfort that I would hardly sleep at night. I suffered this ordeal for 5 whole days! It was terrible, sometimes it would even manifest with diarrhea!

On Thursday the 16th of June 2016, I woke up feeling a strong unction to attend Phaneroo service! Even though I am a regular attendant, the urge from the Holy Spirit on this day was so strong that I resolved to arrive at the fellowship venue much earlier than I usually do. Little did I know that the Lord was urging me on to my deliverance!

At the service, when Apostle Grace stepped up to start preaching, he mentioned, “There is a lady here who has been having nausea for about a week; Come now, I need to pray for you”. While he said this, I knew it was me he was talking about but I hesitated to step out (I was not feeling the nausea at this point). He then repeated himself and that second time I started to shake in my legs! I knew for sure that it was me that he was talking about. So I stepped out and went to be prayed for.

When Apostle laid hands on me and started to pray, I felt something moving in my stomach. I felt a strong urge to vomit. I then fell down under the power of the Holy Spirit. In the slain state, I could not hear much of what he said, except that “this was witchcraft; it was meant to frustrate many things in your life, but God has delivered you”.

When I got up, I was COMPLETELY FINE! Glory to God!

Carol Achumo

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