Finger Infection Healed

For over a week, I could not touch anything with my left hand because one of my fingers had this infection locally termed as, “entunika”.

I was given some anti-biotics , but these were not causing any significant improvement.

The next weekend, I attended the overnight prayers organized at UMA grounds. I told God that I did not want to enter the new year with an infection.

While there, Apostle Grace prayed and declared that God was healing all kinds of sicknesses. All of a sudden, blood and pus started oozing out of the infected part of my finger.

I knew that I had received my healing. By the next day, the wound had dried up. My finger got COMPLETELY FINE! I HAVE NO PAIN AT ALL.

I thank God for His ministry through Apostle Grace Lubega.

Turyatunga Sam

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