God set me up!

For 5 years I suffered with fibroids in my uterus. Because of them, my stomach swell to the extent that I looked like I was 6 months pregnant.

I could not lie on my tummy or on my back, because the weight on my stomach would make it very uncomfortable. Doctors had recommended surgery to remove the fibroids but I was hesitant, having already undergone caesarian section operations related to child-birth. I told myself that I did not want to undergo a fourth surgery!

Although I was a Christian, I was going through a phase in my life where I was not too keen to seek fellowship opportunities, even when I was hoping for a divine solution to my health condition.

On Saturday, 13th August 2016, I wanted to catch-up with a friend. So, I called her up and she told me that she was attending fellowship at the Lugogo Hockey grounds and she invited me to join her there. I would later learn that it was a healing service that had been organized as part of the second Phaneroo fellowship anniversary celebrations.
The worship was intense! There was such an atmosphere of life! I could feel God’s manifest presence was saturated in this place!

After worship, the man of God (Apostle Grace) stepped forth and led the congregation in more worship and prayer. He then started to mention the various conditions that were being healed under the power of God. Among them, he mentioned that fibroids and all kinds of swellings were disappearing. At this point, I could feel my stomach tucking in!

He later called out people who had healed of fibroids. My friend urged me to check myself. I found that my TUMMY had REDUCED in size! I touched the area where I used to feel the swellings, I did not feel them anymore! The SWELLINGS had DISAPPEARED!

That day when I went back home, I tried lying on my tummy and also the back. I was able to sleep comfortably to in these positions! Three days later, my tummy size has further reduced. Moreover I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE.

God set me up for his divine pain-free operation! Hallelujah!

Sarah Nambasa

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