Healed of a 3 months old pain in the Ear

I used to work at a call centre. Because of the nature of the work, I at some point started to feel pain in my right ear. The pain increased in severity within 3 months. A visit to the Medical Doctor suggested that my ear drums were deteriorating by the day!

One day, a friend shared with me that he had a vision in which he could see that I had an ear problem and that he could see that the problem was being sorted. On Thursday, 9 June 2016, while at the Phaneroo service, I decided to go for prayer over this issue (I had the pain at the time). While on the queue, I started to feel relief even as Apostle Grace was still praying for the person who was in front of me! By the time he laid hands on me, I HAD RECEIVED MY HEALING!

I have NO PAIN since then. I later went back for check-up and the DOCTOR CONFIRMED THAT MY EAR IS FINE! Glory to God!

Pauline Nalwanga

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