Healed of Chronic Stomach Complication

I had chronic stomach pain for about 3 years. This condition was quite strange in that it would constantly cause me to feel so hungry just a few minutes after having a full meal! Several visits to various medical specialists were all to no avail.
The Doctors could not identify the cause of the pain. They simply concluded that it was probably resulting from high acid levels in the stomach. They prescribed anti-acid medicines, which only gave me temporary relief occasionally but most times did not help at all.

Last Thursday, 9th of June 2016, while attending the Phaneroo service, even if I did not have the pain at the time, (I knew from experience that it would come at some point because I used to experience the pains daily), I decided to go to the front to be prayed for.

Apostle Grace laid hands on me and spoke healing over whatever issue I had. I left believing that I was healed. Indeed since that time, I HAVE NOT HAD ANY EPISODE of stomach pain. Moreover, my stomach now sustains food for a normal number of hours when I eat, so that I no longer strangely get hungry every few minutes!


Isaac Onen.

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