Skin Conditions Healed After Word of Knowledge

I had a skin disease that had persisted from childhood, however, in May 2017, I started experiencing additional general body itching after taking an unknown substance while having a meal. I believe this caused the itching which usually presented in the evening hours. Additionally, I was breathing heavily throughout the night and this made sleeping very uncomfortable.

I was in attendance during the Phaneroo fellowship of Thursday 8th June, 2017 when Apostle Grace started ministering and gave a word of knowledge. He said there were some people who had been poisoned and he wanted to pray for them. I went forward for prayer to receive my healing.

After the service, I noticed that the itching had ceased and the skin had dried up. Additionally, the pre-existing skin irritation from my childhood had TOTALLY DISAPPEARED. I was also able to sleep soundly at night as normal breathing had been restored.

I give praise and thanks to God. Jesus is the same, yesterday and forever!

Kitagya Paul

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