Stomach Swellings From Childhood Vanish Instantly

The testimony: Growing up, I always had swellings in my stomach. They first developed when I was five years old. These always caused me stomach pain and medication only eased it only temporarily.

I attended the Phaneroo service on Thursday 8th June, 2017 at UMA. During the service, Apostle Grace said that God’s power was available to heal.

I received the Word by faith for my healing. When I touched my stomach, I was astonished that the swellings had vanished and so had the pain!

Following the service, I continued to monitor myself for 3 days and I could not find any more trace of swelling in my stomach. I have been perfectly well ever since.
All the glory and praise to Jesus. By his stripes we were healed!

Namirembe Vivian

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