The Miracle Baby

About November 2012, I got Pregnant. When the time for my delivery was due, I went to Naguru hospital. I was in labour for four days. When a labour scan was done, it was discovered that there was an in-utero fetal death; the baby had already died. Unfortunately, there was no possibility for labour induction because the foetus was resting in my cervix. There was also no possibility of full cervical dilatation because the birth canal could not open up for the baby’s passage. The doctors informed me that a caesarean section had to be done in order to remove the dead baby and save my life. Before the operation, it was necessary that a relative be informed. I gave the doctors the telephone number of Apostle Grace Lubega. When they called him, he told them that he was going to pray for me. The operation proceeded.

During the operation, I could view every step the doctors took in a mirror. When they got the baby out, they did not do any routine neonatal care since the baby was already dead. The doctor asked me if I felt any pain. I told him, ‘yes.’ He instructed the theatre nurse to give me another injection so that he could finish stitching me up. After the injection, the entire room darkened. I asked the doctor to switch back the light because I wanted to see what he was doing. The doctor was surprised because according to him, the lights were still on. He suspected that perhaps I was losing my sight.

A couple of minutes later, I saw a light shining directly from the mirror above. A clear voice said to me, ‘Jane, if this baby survives, name him Joshua Grace.’ I turned to see the nurse carry away my baby; wrapped in white sheets. I believe she was taking him to the mortuary. The nurse passed through the first and second glass door. When she reached the third, she made a quick turn and started to shout to the doctor that the baby was trying to breathe. Immediately, his umbilical cord was tied and he was put on the oxygen machine. Thirty minutes later, the baby started to cry like a normal child and he was brought to me for breast feeding.

Three hours later, the Lord gave me the strength to go and wash my baby’s sheets to the amusement of many because it was not expected that a mother who had just delivered a child through caesarean section could be very swift and energetic.

Two weeks later, God gave me a home in teens challenge Uganda which offered to take care of me and my baby for one year; giving us both food and accommodation. As the future stretches before me, I know that the good God who delivered me from these great ordeals will finish his work to its great end.He is faithful; all powerful and almighty.


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