Two year-old pain left instantly!

For about 2 years I felt too much pain in my left hip after I fell from a motor-cycle. Whenever I was in pain, I would only limp and could not walk properly. I had not gone for any medical check-ups; I only believed that the pain would go away somehow, but instead it only seemed to get worse!

On Thursday, 6th October 2016, while at the Phaneroo fellowship at the Lugogo MTN arena, Apostle Grace just before he started to preach, shared a word of knowledge about someone with a sharp pain in her left hip saying that he needed to pray for the person.

I knew he was talking about me! I went forward and he laid hands on me and prayed. The PAIN LEFT INSTANTLY. I AM NOW COMPLETELY WELL! I give Glory to God!

Sarah Amulen

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