Two Year Paralysis Healed

I had been paralyzed waist-downward for two years. I was playing football when, all of a sudden I began to feel pain in my limbs. This later progressed into a more serious condition to the extent that I could not walk or squat or do any physical work on my own. I had to move using a wheel chair. The doctors prescribed constant pain-killers and told me to do some exercises, but all these did not help change my situation.

During the 1st Anniversary celebrations of Phaneroo in August 2015, I determined to receive my restoration at the healing service. So, I asked my sister and brother to carry me to the grounds, as I did not want to move with the wheel chair any longer.

Apostle Grace prayed for me and told me that I would be made completely whole and that I needed to give it two weeks. By the time I left the grounds, I could walk but only had some pain in my back.  I am now very fine with no pain whatsoever and able to do physical activity on my own. I even ride the bicycle! Glory to God!

 Natsami Grace.

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