Phaneroo Devotion

Testimonies are not the things that follow us but the things ahead of us. Your real testimony is not the
Alienation from the God-life starts from the place of ignorance. What makes you alive unto God is the increasing knowledge
If you lose the voice of destiny, you lose the foundation of eternal realities, you start to become carnal even
The protection of God in our lives is not only for us as individuals but also extends to everything that
God orders and directs certain things in our lives by reason of His zeal towards us because He seeks to
When a minister of the gospel tells you that you are sick, he is reading from the wrong script because
We are stars and we come in the likeness of that one star Jesus. You are called to shine as
Child of God, you are not a son of TERAH! The Spirit of God has quickened you.
Your heart SPEAKS as CLEARLY as your mouth. As long as you regard certain negative things in your heart, that
When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you receive the power to be a witness of the Christ. You
There must come a point in a man’s life when the message of God becomes a burden. Here, it is
Your days ought to be numbered. When they are, a distinctive wisdom starts to function and operate through you. This
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