Phaneroo Devotion

God is love and they that do not love do not know God. More than just having an anointing to
Every Christian should be able to demonstrate and manifest the Spirit.
When you meet the light, ask for the way, for His will.
It is maturity for any Christian to pay the price of prayer.
God sought for a man; He did not seek for a prophet, a teacher or an apostle but for a
Apostle Grace Lubega 1 Timothy 3:9 (KJV); Holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. he conscience is
Let men see God working mightily in your life and ask questions; let them look at the ministry you build
As the revelation of Christ increases in this dispensation, the nature, identity and abilities of a child of God as
The reality of God is coming out of you by knowledge and that knowledge radiates glory: who He is and
If the Spirit patterned creation in its glorious beauty, gave it splendor, life and light, how much more you? The
With revelation comes redemptive power. When revelation comes to your spirit, “the eyes of your heart are flooded with light;
As the helper, the Holy Spirit leads you to serve you. He is the shepherd who makes you lie down
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