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Chronic Abdominal Pain Leaves While Viewing Testimony

I had abdominal complications since 2012 and in this period of 5 years, I was continuously dealing with pain in my stomach.

On the 31st December at the crossover overnight service, while watching the testimony-segment, I received an impartation of faith while watching the videos of healings and all the pain in my stomach suddenly disappeared and I was fully restored.

After a very long time of carrying pain, I am now completely healed. I give thanks to the Lord for His Presence and Papa Grace for ministering to us.

Namaya Rodgers


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Paralysing Pain in Right Thigh Healed

I started experiencing a sudden sharp pain in the right thigh during March of 2017. I could hardly stand for 15 minutes before developing pain tending to paralysis.

This pain lasted for about a week until 30th March when I attended the Phaneroo weekly service at UMA. During the service, Apostle Grace was ministering and he prayed for all who were sick or had pain and commanded all pain to leave. In an instant all the pain in my right thigh left; my thigh was totally restored and I nolonger had any problem standing for longer periods.

I give honour and praise to Jesus!

Timothy Ongom


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Neck Pain of 3 Months Healed During Overnight Service

I had been having pain in my neck for three months, which would at times cause a feverish condition.

On 31st December 2017,  as I attended the Phaneroo crossover overnight, I had confidence that the pain would be no more by the end of the night. While there, I could still feel the pain during service, however, soon after Apostle Grace came to the platform and started ministering, I realised that the pain in my neck had totally ceased!

I am now totally well. I praise the name of Jesus, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.


Raphael Okoth


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Throat Pain Healed After Prayer

In 2015, a fish bone got stuck in my throat during a meal and since then I had pain while eating.

During Phaneroo 155 in August 2017, I asked one of the pastors at the close of service to pray for me in faith for my healing. After a brief prayer, the pain in my throat left and I felt completely fine.

In the days that followed, I had my meals with NO PAIN AT ALL. Even where I previously felt a roughness in my throat while eating, it had disappeared.

Praise and Glory to God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Phillip Kinene

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Instantly Healed of 18 Months-Long Pain From Poisoning

I testify that after 18 months of pain, I was miraculously healed during the Phaneroo 152 service on Thursday 17th August, 2017.

In May 2016, I began experiencing body pains, mainly in the chest and stomach area. I sought medical attention and was told that my condition was a result of poisoning and was given a drug prescription. Unfortunately, the pain continued inspite of a long period of treatment and I eventually stopped taking the prescribed drugs out of frustration.

The day I received my healing, Apostle Grace called out saying, “there is someone here who was poisoned and you know that you were poisoned, come.” On hearing this, I hurried to the platform where the man of God prayed saying “The Lord is taking out that poison tonight, out!” In that moment, I found myself falling to the ground. I got up a few moments later and found that the chest pain and stomach aches were TOTALLY GONE.

After 18 long months of pain, I WAS NOW INSTANTLY HEALED!


Rogers Bright Ssebalu


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Skin Conditions Healed After Word of Knowledge

I had a skin disease that had persisted from childhood, however, in May 2017, I started experiencing additional general body itching after taking an unknown substance while having a meal. I believe this caused the itching which usually presented in the evening hours. Additionally, I was breathing heavily throughout the night and this made sleeping very uncomfortable.

I was in attendance during the Phaneroo fellowship of Thursday 8th June, 2017 when Apostle Grace started ministering and gave a word of knowledge. He said there were some people who had been poisoned and he wanted to pray for them. I went forward for prayer to receive my healing.

After the service, I noticed that the itching had ceased and the skin had dried up. Additionally, the pre-existing skin irritation from my childhood had TOTALLY DISAPPEARED. I was also able to sleep soundly at night as normal breathing had been restored.

I give praise and thanks to God. Jesus is the same, yesterday and forever!

Kitagya Paul

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Chronic Ulcers Healed Through a Touch of Faith

I testify of the Lord’s goodness; for about 6 years, I had been on medication for ulcers. Often, I would have ulcer attacks at night and would spend long periods tossing and turning in bed because of the unbearable pain.

At the start of January 2017, I participated in the forty day corporate fast we had as a fellowship and in spite of the pre-existing ulcers, I was able to spend whole days without eating. I completed the fast without any trouble, however the pains threatened to return on Monday 22nd February so I took medicine.

The following day I attended the weekly Manifest fellowship at Makerere University and while Apostle Grace ministered he said that if there was any present who was sick, there was grace available to heal then he asked us to touch the parts of our bodies that needed healing.

In that very moment, the pain was present but when I touched my stomach, I felt something suddenly leave. That very night, I slept soundly with no pain. I knew then I had been healed. I have been completely healed ever since that moment.

Praise to the Lord. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Esther Kiyemba

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Months Old Abdominal Pain Leaves After Prayer

In January 2017, I started having pain in the right abdominal area, specifically the iliac fossa. I sought medical advice however the diagnosis didn’t reveal any particular condition.

On the 9th of March, while attending the Phaneroo service at UMA, I sought prayer in faith from one of the pastors at the close of the service. After the prayer, the pain that had lasted close to 3 months left instantly. Since that evening, I have been totally free from pain!

Glory to God!! I give Him praise for the healing I received in my body.

Aimo Angella.

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Healed of 14-year Old Nose Bleeding Issue

For 14 years I suffered with the problem of nose bleeding. It was so uncomfortable as, I experienced episodes on a daily basis. I had trusted that God would deliver me from the issue someday.

Indeed, as I went for the 2017 Women of Purpose conference at Hilton Hotel in Boston, I was very expectant for my healing.

At the conference , Apostle Grace Lubega who was the invited speaker, as he was praying for people, spoke a word of knowledge about someone on his left-hand side , who had the issue and asked that they go forward for prayer. Although I was on the right-hand side, I went forward to receive.

Since that day, I have not had a single episode of the bleeding. I AM COMPLETELY HEALED!
I give praise to God!

Joy Kanyike

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Stomach Swellings From Childhood Vanish Instantly

The testimony: Growing up, I always had swellings in my stomach. They first developed when I was five years old. These always caused me stomach pain and medication only eased it only temporarily.

I attended the Phaneroo service on Thursday 8th June, 2017 at UMA. During the service, Apostle Grace said that God’s power was available to heal.

I received the Word by faith for my healing. When I touched my stomach, I was astonished that the swellings had vanished and so had the pain!

Following the service, I continued to monitor myself for 3 days and I could not find any more trace of swelling in my stomach. I have been perfectly well ever since.
All the glory and praise to Jesus. By his stripes we were healed!

Namirembe Vivian

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