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Two year-old pain left instantly!

For about 2 years I felt too much pain in my left hip after I fell from a motor-cycle. Whenever I was in pain, I would only limp and could not walk properly. I had not gone for any medical check-ups; I only believed that the pain would go away somehow, but instead it only seemed to get worse!

On Thursday, 6th October 2016, while at the Phaneroo fellowship at the Lugogo MTN arena, Apostle Grace just before he started to preach, shared a word of knowledge about someone with a sharp pain in her left hip saying that he needed to pray for the person.

I knew he was talking about me! I went forward and he laid hands on me and prayed. The PAIN LEFT INSTANTLY. I AM NOW COMPLETELY WELL! I give Glory to God!

Sarah Amulen

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Kidney Issue sorted

For about 6 months, I had pain on the right side of my stomach. In the same period, I also suffered with partial ulcers which caused a burning pain in the upper part of the stomach.

On 16th of September 2016, I visited Grace Church in Ntinda, Kampala where Apostle Grace was invited to minister. Towards the end of service, as Apostle was praying, he received a word of knowledge and said, “there is a lady here who has been having pain in the right side of her stomach, you have not checked but it is actually a kidney issue. I need to pray for you now!”

When I went forth, he laid hands on me and blew over me. I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly I felt an emptiness in my stomach as if something heavy had been taken out, followed by a burning sensation, and then ALL PAIN LEFT! Since then, I DO NOT EXPERIENCE ANY OF THOSE PAINS! Glory God!

Judith Nankunda

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Stiff Neck Healed

On the morning of Thursday 22nd September, 2016, I awoke with stiffness in my neck, I couldn’t turn my head to the right.

As I attended the Phaneroo fellowship later that evening, Apostle Grace Lubega mentioned during worship that God was healing someone who was developing a throat problem.

The moment he said so, I moved my neck to check for stiffness. INSTANTLY, I WAS MADE WHOLE. Hallelujah!

Allan Bantriza

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Stomach Ulcers Healed

Around 2002, while in secondary school, I developed stomach ulcers. Since then, I experienced pains in my stomach whenever I missed meals. I would often take medicine or milk to relieve the pain. 

On the evening of Thursday 22nd September, 2016 while attending Phaneroo fellowship, I was experiencing pain which had started earlier that afternoon. As praise and worship was going on, the pain started to worsen. I believed God, I was receiving my healing, and I spoke a word of faith. IMMEDIATELY, THE PAIN LEFT and I haven’t had any pain ever since. I praise the Lord for my total healing! 


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Finger Infection Healed

For over a week, I could not touch anything with my left hand because one of my fingers had this infection locally termed as, “entunika”.

I was given some anti-biotics , but these were not causing any significant improvement.

The next weekend, I attended the overnight prayers organized at UMA grounds. I told God that I did not want to enter the new year with an infection.

While there, Apostle Grace prayed and declared that God was healing all kinds of sicknesses. All of a sudden, blood and pus started oozing out of the infected part of my finger.

I knew that I had received my healing. By the next day, the wound had dried up. My finger got COMPLETELY FINE! I HAVE NO PAIN AT ALL.

I thank God for His ministry through Apostle Grace Lubega.

Turyatunga Sam

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He Giveth Sleep

Since my son (Banet) was born 2 years ago, he would suddenly wake up and cry bitterly every night at 3 am. It was quite disturbing. I never sought medical advice for his condition; I only brought him for prayer.

During overnight prayers on 26th of August 2016 at Lift up Jesus Ministries Centre in Kabale, the Guest Speaker Apostle Grace Lubega just before he started to preach, stated that God was healing every kind of sickness in that place that night. He later laid hands on Banet and prayed over him. Since then, Banet is completely fine, he NO LONGER WAKES UP TO CRY AT NIGHT! My little boy now enjoys a FULL NIGHT’S REST. I am thankful to God!

Banet Tweheyo’s mother

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Chronic Lung Infection Healed

In 2011, I suffered a Tuberculosis(TB) infection in both my lungs. I was treated but got a re-infection in 2014. Alongside this, I had pneumonia and a resultant severe pain on the right side of my chest, especially whenever I would cough. I had this cough and pain even when I had been on treatment for a long time. I would suffocate in cold weather, so I could not do without warm clothing if I had to be outdoors in the evenings. I received so many injections during treatment that I got so fed up of them!

On 13th August, while attending the Phaneroo Anniversary service at the Lugogo Hockey grounds, Apostle Grace Lubega, when he stepped up to minister, encouraged people who were feeling sick to receive their healing. He said that there was an atmosphere to heal any disease on the grounds. He said this as he led the congregation in songs of praise and worship.

I believed that word and received my healing. I was able to put off my jacket that cold evening and realized that I could BREATHE NORMALLY without any difficulty! Moreover, the PAIN WHICH HAD BEEN IN MY CHEST COMPLETELY LEFT.
Since then, I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I DO NOT HAVE COUGH! The chronic cough that had lasted for many years is gone. Glory to God!


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Healed of 20 year-old Ulcers

I had ulcers for about 20 years. I used to get frequent ulcer attacks which would manifest with a lot of pain in my stomach.
During a visit to my son in Kampala in June this year, he invited me to attend the Phaneroo fellowship on Thursday, 30th June .

While at the fellowship, I felt encouraged to go forth for prayer over my issue at the end of service. I did go and Apostle Grace laid hands on me. The PAIN LEFT! It is almost a month now since that experience, I have NOT EXPERIENCED ANY ULCER PAINS! I thank God I AM HEALED. Glory to God!

Mr. Bosro Obua

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God set me up!

For 5 years I suffered with fibroids in my uterus. Because of them, my stomach swell to the extent that I looked like I was 6 months pregnant.

I could not lie on my tummy or on my back, because the weight on my stomach would make it very uncomfortable. Doctors had recommended surgery to remove the fibroids but I was hesitant, having already undergone caesarian section operations related to child-birth. I told myself that I did not want to undergo a fourth surgery!

Although I was a Christian, I was going through a phase in my life where I was not too keen to seek fellowship opportunities, even when I was hoping for a divine solution to my health condition.

On Saturday, 13th August 2016, I wanted to catch-up with a friend. So, I called her up and she told me that she was attending fellowship at the Lugogo Hockey grounds and she invited me to join her there. I would later learn that it was a healing service that had been organized as part of the second Phaneroo fellowship anniversary celebrations.
The worship was intense! There was such an atmosphere of life! I could feel God’s manifest presence was saturated in this place!

After worship, the man of God (Apostle Grace) stepped forth and led the congregation in more worship and prayer. He then started to mention the various conditions that were being healed under the power of God. Among them, he mentioned that fibroids and all kinds of swellings were disappearing. At this point, I could feel my stomach tucking in!

He later called out people who had healed of fibroids. My friend urged me to check myself. I found that my TUMMY had REDUCED in size! I touched the area where I used to feel the swellings, I did not feel them anymore! The SWELLINGS had DISAPPEARED!

That day when I went back home, I tried lying on my tummy and also the back. I was able to sleep comfortably to in these positions! Three days later, my tummy size has further reduced. Moreover I AM COMPLETELY PAIN FREE.

God set me up for his divine pain-free operation! Hallelujah!

Sarah Nambasa

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Pain Free

In 2015, I was in a motor-cycle accident which resulted in a fracture in my right leg. The doctors gave me something to wear around it to help ease the pain during the therapy period of about 5 months.

However, I continued to feel pain in my right leg even after that therapy period had ended. I could not wear closed shoes because of the intense pain.

While attending Phaneroo fellowship on 7th July 2016, I went to be prayed for at the end of the service. While there, Apostle Grace laid his hand on me . I FELT THE PAIN LEAVE IN THAT INSTANT! I can now WALK WITH EASE moreover in closed shoes. I AM COMPLETELY PAIN-FREE! Glory to God!

Ms. Monica Muhigwa

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